Below are the questions that our customers often ask.

You may find here answers to questions that concern you. If there is no information that is relevant specifically for you, please contact us by phone (+357) 996 74 853. Any problem has a solution and we will certainly help you find it.

Which line should I choose? I see that the brand has a very large selection of products and is not indicated for what type of skin.

Ericson Laboratoire is a medical-cosmetic company, so the selection of cosmetics is carried out by a professional cosmetologist. The specialist will not only understand the type of your skin, but will select them taking into account its needs and possible problems.

I would like to change home care. But I still have a lot of things left. Although I decided to try Ericson Laboratoire. Where do I begin?

Start with a visit to the beautician. To begin with, a lot of money is not necessary and it is quite possible to leave something from your previous care . Cream and serum are where to start. Of course, given your individual needs.

I tried so many things and nothing helps. I have problem skin. What to do?

For starters, of course, specialist consultation is important. Then it will be clear what form of Acne you have. Perhaps the reason is hormonal changes and rashes of a different nature.

I'm allergic. Is there anything at Ericson Laboratoire for such skin? I doubt very much, nothing suits me!

There is. The specially developed Sensitive pro line solves the problems of even the most sensitive skin. The series does not eliminate the consequences, but the cause of the sensitivity!

I do injections regularly enough. I admit, I would like to slightly extend the intervals between such procedures. I also do not want to refuse them yet. Does Ericson Laboratoire have anything to do with this task?

We have a specially designed line of Skinjection. This is a true alternative to Botox! The line uses innovative techniques, modern formulas based on gealuronic acid. This will allow you not to resort to injections for a long time, and it is possible to completely abandon them.

I suffer from swelling. Everything swells: arms, legs, especially legs. Especially in the hot season. Can something help?

In such a problem, drainage is important. Therefore, our scientists created the Lipo-Drenage line. Professional therapy gives the result from the first procedure! Home care with daily use will successfully support this result.

I want to lose weight. I regulate food, I started to go in for sports. I heard about the effectiveness of E.L therapies for the body. They say that the weight goes much faster. It's true?

Sure! Ericson Laboratoire has 9 different body treatments. There are as many as the causes of excess weight …

It will be right if you first visit our therapist for a consultation. This will help you to choose the most suitable solution to your problem most competently.

I am pregnant. Can i use Ericson Laboratoire products for body and face? I would like to go to the salon, but they say that a lot is impossible ....

Ericson Laboratoire products are hypoallergenic and are suitable for both pregnancy and lactation. Moreover, it solves problems such as hypersensitivity or dryness during pregnancy. For the body there is a wonderful cream for stretch marks. There are some exceptions … Ask our beautician about this!

I breastfeed and worry so as not to lose its shape. Is there any solution?

Ericson Laboratoire has a Morfo bust line. It is created on a natural basis and is suitable even for breastfeeding! It will help to avoid stretch marks and remarkably maintains the shape and volume of the bust.