Microdermabrasion - Chemical peeling - Enzymatic peeling.
The connection between cosmetology and dermatology is becoming more and more close. Today, cosmetology offers procedures that are directly recommended by cosmetic medicine.
Always at the peak of innovation, ERICSON LABORATOIRE today offers an ultra-efficient exfoliation method that combines the latest Hi-Tech dermo-cosmetic technologies, which are based on the most advanced medical-cosmetic methods that can radically improve the quality of the skin.
- Mechanical action with immediate removal of the surface layer and dead cells.
- Instant chemical effect: smoothing and fresh complexion with the effect of "radiance".
- Biological effects lasting several weeks with the renewal of the skin .
- Restoration of skin cells and tonic effect.
- Stable lightening effect on skin pigmentation.
This dermo-cosmetic procedure allows you to solve several skin problems at once:
- Stains
- Excessive pigmentation
- Too oily skin
- Acne
- Residual scars
- Shallow wrinkles


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