"Shield" anti-pollution. Capture of contaminants thanks to Patch Magnet. It neutralizes toxic particles. Counteracts hypoxic stress.

Oxygen is essential for life. Without a constant supply of oxygen, the cells of our body get tired very quickly and are exposed to the so-called “hypoxic stress”.

Unfortunately, urban air is poor in oxygen. In addition, the downsides of growing urbanization: pollution, heavy metals, tobacco and microbial proliferation exacerbate this skin hypoxia (OXYGEN deficiency).

Suffering from stress and lack of oxygen, our skin gets tired and loses its energy potential.

To counteract oxygen starvation and pollution, our laboratories have developed BIO-PURE - a range of CITY PRODUCTS designed for people who suffer from a lack of clean air and want to deeply cleanse the skin of toxins and improve cell respiration.

BIO-PURE has a major impact in three areas:
  • 1. STRENGTHENED OXIGENATION: we have an effect on the substances responsible for the “respiration” of cells and their saturation with OXYGEN
  • 2. "SHIELD" from TOXIC microparticles: blocking the harmful effects of harmful impurities contained in the atmospheric air of modern cities
  • 3. STRONG ENERGY ACTION: Like any cell, the skin needs energy. Without this, the skin loses its protective properties

  • Flaccid and sagging skin, facial wrinkles
  • Disturbance of the hydrolipidic balance: abundant excretion of sebum and contaminated pores
  • Dehydration and enhanced peeling
  • Dull, gray complexion - smoker's skin

  • Active oxygen saturation: prevention of premature aging, reduction of wrinkle depth
  • Shield anti-pollution: a feeling of cleanliness and freshness
  • Deep moisturizing, powerful exfoliation
  • Shining skin, healthy glow

PHYTOVITYL. Plant fraction obtained from corn seed extract, the main components of which are involved in the metabolism at the cellular level. The complex protects the skin from the aggressive effects of heavy metals and free radicals, promotes the formation and accumulation of energy in the skin cells, preventing premature skin aging.
PURISOFT. A new active ingredient obtained through biotechnology, a peptide extracted from moringa seeds. The complex, rich in vitamins A, C and B, calcium, zinc and iron, like a magnet, attracts pollutants and heavy metals in the skin caused by smoking, lack of sleep and oxygen, and neutralizes them. PURISOFT absorbs all environmental microparticles, which make the skin difficult to breathe, and strengthens the skin's natural defenses.
OXYGESKIN. An active ingredient extracted from nasturtium and rich in arabinogalactans. It normalizes the production of HIF-1α, a protein that regulates the processes responsible for the adaptation of cells to low oxygen levels and provide them with the energy that is necessary for their vital functions. The complex facilitates the transport of oxygen to cells, increasing the synthesis of cytoglobin, which plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen.


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