PERFECTION. A line aimed at lightening age spots

Age spots are the result of increased production melanin in certain areas of the skin. In this case we talking about hyperpigmentation. Causes of hyperpigmentation are numerous: the main cause is genetic, but also hyperpigmentation is caused by ultraviolet radiation (UV), fluctuations in hormonal levels (for example, during pregnancy), photosensitivity, taking certain medications. This process increases with skin aging. Pigmented spots appear mainly in areas that are exposed sunlight: face, neck and hands, but can also form and on other parts of the body. UV radiation affects melanocytes, but also keratinocytes and fibroblasts. This increases the number of reasons hyperpigmentation and necessitates an integrated approach.

1) Solar Lentigines: Brown spots associated with sun exposure. They appear in areas that are often exposed to the sun: face, neck, décolleté and hands.
2) Freckles or ephelids, which appear from childhood, brownish or reddish tint. They appear more often in people with fair skin and light or red hair.
3) Melasma or chloasma (the so-called pregnancy mask). Its appearance is associated with hormonal changes during pregnancy or taking oral contraceptives.
4) Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation resulting from injury or damage to the skin: cut, chemical or sunburn
The task of our Research Laboratories has become creating an effective solution to two problems that, seemingly similar – but in fact they have differences:
• Pigmented spots
• General lightening of skin color
As a result, a dual program was developed, working on the following two vectors:
• Reduction of localized age spots
• General clarification

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