SUPREME DHE.Age-RETINOX. Mature skin care with phytoestrogens

SUPREME DHE.Age-RETINOX – A NEW AND EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE LINE FOR INTENSIVE RECOVERY OF MATURE SKIN OF THE FACE OF WOMEN AFTER 45 YEARSCellular renewal – functionalization of collagen restoration of skin elasticity Having reached a certain social level, being at the peak of her professional career and maturity, a woman begins to notice that not everything she has planned is strong enough. At the turn of 40-50 years, a transitional period begins, which is a natural step in her life. During this period, the processes of a sharp decrease in the content of female sex hormones dominate in the body. Increasingly, there are changes in appearance that speak of aging. In the body there is a “ancestor” of any hormones and this substance is called DHEA.
Dihydroepianrosterone (DHEA) is a “building material” from which ALL hormones of the human body are synthesized. How do you keep your DHEA levels from dropping so fast? To solve this problem, ERICSON LABORATOIRE specialists have found natural analogues of DHEA suitable for cosmetic purposes, which have proven to be highly effective in stimulating the skin rejuvenation process. DIOSGENIN, isolated from the Wild Yam plant, turns into DHEA in the body and compensates for the effect of reducing the production of its own estrogens, which has a STUNNING REJUVENATING EFFECT on the skin! Retinol or Vitamin A is a well-known skin rejuvenator, but with one very big drawback: it is very irritating to the skin. ERICSON LABORATOIRE has taken advantage of the latest discovery of biochemical laboratories in Europe: the new drug LOX -AGE –is equal in its clinical effect and effectiveness to Retinol, but at the same time it is completely free from its skin-irritating side effects that limit the scope of application. Innovative in its clinical impact, perfect in terms of formulations, high-tech and elegant in execution, this is a true MASTERPIECE of modern ANTI-AGING cosmetology. Thanks to a carefully thought-out combination of two main components – DHEA and RETINOL, it is possible to achieve a VISIBLE AND PERSISTENT REJUVENATING EFFECT! INDICATIONS
  • Mimic and deep wrinkles: brow and purse-string wrinkles, nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the eyes
  • Decreased muscle tone of the skin, loss of turgor
  • Dim complexion, pigmentation
  • Dry skin, lack of nutrition
  • Significant reduction in the area and depth of wrinkles and pronounced skin rejuvenation after only 8 weeks of use
  • Restoration of elasticity, density and tone of the skin
  • Improve the complexion, regulate the mechanism of melanin production and brighten pigmented areas
  • Skin elasticity improvement, hydration and nutrition
  • It is a natural source of the hormone DHEA (dihydroepiandrosterone), which has a similar effect on the skin due to its high content of diosgenin.
  • It is the DHEA hormone that plays the most important role for the skin: it controls and guarantees the correct intercellular interaction and is involved in maintaining tissue homeostasis. Under the influence of diosgenin, the production of collagenase is inhibited, the sensitivity of the skin decreases, and the mechanism of melanin production is regulated.
  • Phytocomplex obtained from chicory leaf extract. It has an efficiency comparable to retinol, but completely eliminates its shortcomings and allergic reactions. The complex stimulates the LOX (Lysyl Oxydase) protein, which is necessary for the differentiation of keratinocytes and the functionalization of collagen and elastin to ensure the integrity of the dermal layer and maintain skin elasticity and tone.

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