CELLULITE’VIB. SHOCK THERAPY WITH SIMILAR ULTRASOUND EFFECT THREE TIME ACTION FOR EFFECTIVE SLIMMING: ADAPOCYTES DISSEMINATION – FAT REMOVAL – SLAG DRAINAGE. Result: three-dimensional reconstruction of adipose tissue ERICSON LABORATOIRE scientists have developed the CELLULIT ’VIB program, aimed at complex body correction. The program fights deep fat deposits and smoothes cellulite on the surface. 

CELLULIT ’VIB – the latest SHOCK THERAPY with the ULTRASOUND ANALOGUE EFFECT created by our laboratories. The source of this therapy is the adipose tissue lysis technique used in aesthetic medicine to combat excess fat and cellulite. The effectiveness of this therapy is based on the unique action of the “detonating” phyto complex, which destroys the bonds that lead to the formation of accumulations of fat cells and their inlay under the skin. Since ultrasound has been used for aesthetic purposes, it has been a part of recognized weight loss methods. Constantly in search of efficiency, the scientists of our laboratories were able to combine HIGH ENERGY VIBRATION in innovative high-tech formulas for weight loss, which can specifically eliminate fatty deposits. ACTIVE COMPONENTS: LEGACTIF is a complex of 3 plant extracts: goldenrod, lemon and barbed needle. Due to its high content of flavonoids and polyphenols, LEGACTIF: – Stimulates micro-circulation of the skin, – Increases capillary elasticity, – Eliminates edema and stagnation, has anti-inflammatory effect. PHYTOSONIC comes from new anti-cellulite technologies: ultrasound cell lysis. It can selectively separate hypertrophic adipocytes without destroying them. The mechanism of separation with PHYTOSONIC was monitored, both at the preadipocyte stage and at the stage of mature adipocyte, and in both cases we are talking about the “release” of cells. LIPOCARE Our laboratories have chosen LIPOCARE – a complex of 3 active ingredients: SEX, CAFFEINE and COENZYME A. LIPOCARE has a direct effect on the reduction of “orange peel” – 33%. Thanks to him, the skin becomes more elastic and even.

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