Reducing unpleasant sensations and swelling of the legs, reducing cellulite and the effect of orange peel.
Over time, the natural biological balance is disturbed, affecting various metabolic processes. The body loses its tone, and the skin loses its elasticity. Hypertrophied tissues sag, the body structure is heavier and deformed. At the level of skin tissues, we can state “intoxication”, a metabolic disorder of cells with excess fluid, which has various manifestations: adipose tissue increases in size, which entails an increase in cellulite-affected areas of the body, the appearance of the “orange peel” effect, moisture retention, swelling, inflammation.

The innovative effective system of scientific cosmetics LIPO DRAINAGE 3D guarantees numerous positive effects of a therapeutic and aesthetic nature.
• Slows down the development of adipose tissues, – providing inhibition of the enzyme phosphodiesterase,
• Acts on angiogenesis – decreasing synthesis of autotaxins and MT1-MMP
• Provides removal of toxins from skin tissue
• Prevents fat peroxidation and reduces oxygen deficiency,
• Relieves body fat
• Supports the integrity of the extracellular matrix – by acting on the synthesis of fibronectin and laminin.
By the results of tests, it inhibits the three-dimensional development of adipose tissue.
SCULPTOSANE® is a marine biotechnology product from a unique microalgae culture (Scenedesmus from the Sahel region) combined with arginine ferulate, an active anti-glycation agent.
SCULPTOSANE®: – Limits the three-dimensional development of adipose tissue, reducing its ability to occupy a new volume in the extracellular matrix, and also increases the content of fibronectin and laminin, which restore and increase the cohesion of extracellular matrix cells.
SCULPTOSANE® provides true three-dimensional modeling of adipose tissue.
– Stimulates the energy potential of cells, saturates tissues with oxygen, inhibits the process of peroxidation of fats and ensures optimal elimination of toxins from cells.

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