The kit includes:

  • Abdofix concentrate Concentrate E1031
  • Gynoid-contour cream Body Contour Cream E1030

Abdofix concentrate Concentrate E1031

The concentrate is specifically designed to combat excess fat deposits in the waist and abdomen that occur due to hormonal imbalance due to natural aging. The unique components of the drug, obtained using biotechnologies from rare species of algae, effectively break down subcutaneous fat and prevent the formation of fat depots in people in adulthood. Wild yam root in combination with valuable plant extracts starts the process of rejuvenation at the cellular level, strengthens and improves skin tone. The drug will help to return a slim silhouette, a flat stomach and a narrow waist, even when other cosmetics and procedures, as well as diet and physical activity were not effective enough. The concentrate can be used by women and men not only to eliminate already existing excess fat, but also to prevent its appearance against the background of age-related changes.


A small amount of the concentrate twice a day (morning and evening) after a shower or bath is applied to the skin of the abdomen and absorbed with massage movements. After this, apply and absorb Contour Cream for the body (E1030).

Active Components

  • FEOSLIM: Phyllacantha fibrosa brown alga biocomplex. Effectively breaks down subcutaneous fat. Unlike traditional lipolytics effective in adulthood.
  • WILD YAMS: rich in diosgenin, a plant-based “youth molecule.” It has an effect similar to the anti-aging effect of DHEA.
  • SKO PARIAN: brown alga biocomplex Sphacelaria scoparia. It inhibits the maturation of adipocytes, prevents the formation of fat depots and enhances the synthesis of type I and IV collagen.
  • Acacia Extract: a powerful antioxidant. It also has a softening and regenerating effect.
  • Ginseng EXTRACT: promotes cell renewal, regulates water-salt balance, stimulates collagen production, and has a pronounced antioxidant and immunomodulating effect.
  • VITAMIN C: helps eliminate hyperpigmentation and even out skin color, increases the resistance of cell membranes to oxidative stress and UV rays, and also increases the formation of collagen.
  • SUNFLOWER OIL: has a softening, regenerating and moisturizing effect.

Release form

50 ml plastic tube

Gynoid-contour cream E1030 Body Contour Cream

Highly active cream for body shaping and silhouette modeling has maximum efficiency and comprehensively solves the aesthetic problems of people of mature age. Innovative “homing” capsules target the ingredients of the drug directly into the target cells, which provides targeted effects on adipose tissue. The cream activates the breakdown of fats, inhibits the process of their supply, significantly reduces the amount of lipids in the subcutaneous fat, reduces the appearance of even chronic cellulite. The complex of anti-age components blocks the glycation and alteration of collagen and elastin fibers, prevents the progression of hormonal aging, significantly increases skin firmness and elasticity, lightens age spots. Regular use of the drug allows you to tighten and strengthen the skin of the body, to form a slim figure. With the help of the cream, you can achieve excellent results even when other cosmetics were not effective.


Every day after a shower or bath, apply a small amount of cream on the body except for the area of ​​the mammary glands. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to use a Flat Belly Concentrate (E1031).

Active Components

  • X50 SILHOUETTE: a complex based on ITD “intelligent guidance system”. Provides targeted delivery and release of components into adipocytes. Contains coccoloba polyphenols, affecting the functioning of 14 fat cell genes. Stimulates the breakdown of fats, limits lipogenesis and adipogenesis.
  • WILD YAMS: rich in diosgenin, has an effect similar to the anti-aging effect of DHEA.
  • TRITIZOL: a biotechnological complex of hydrolyzed wheat proteins. It has a powerful firming effect, improves skin elasticity.
  • FIRMIDERM: a patented complex of plant extracts, rich in bioflavonoids and polyphenols that restore the structure of the dermis, increase skin tone and elasticity, normalize microcirculation.
  • ANTIGLISKIN: a biotechnological complex of sunflower seeds. Contains phenolic compounds and glycopeptides that prevent skin aging. Suppresses glycation of proteins and significantly limits the destructive effect of free radicals.
  • LUMISKIN: a biotechnological complex that interferes with the activation of the tyrosinase polypeptide chain,inhibits the formation of melanin, has a powerful brightening effect.
  • Sesame oil: provides deep hydration, softens and nourishes the skin.

Release form

150 ml plastic tube


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