E 2356 OSMO-THERMY. Body kit


In the set:

  • Super detox scrub E2355
  • Super drainage oil E2354

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Super detox scrub E2355

A body scrub based on natural ingredients gently exfoliates dead cells from the skin surface using particles of natural origin – powder of guarana seeds and peel of sweet orange, as well as crushed green tea leaves and silica crystals. Thanks to a combination of extracts of marula, inca inca, moringa and cranberry, the scrub normalizes blood flow and supplies oxygen to the subcutaneous fat, smoothes and strengthens the skin. The drug significantly reduces the severity of the “orange peel” and other manifestations of cellulite, makes the skin soft, silky and supple.


Apply a small amount of scrub to the body and massage the skin with your hands in soft circular motions, paying particular attention to areas with manifestations of cellulite. Then take the PREMEDICLE roller massager / scrubber and rub it with your body, abundantly moistening the skin with warm water. Use a scrub 1 or 2 times a week depending on the condition of the skin.

Release form

150 ml

Super drainage oil E2354

Medicinal oil with a fresh aroma contains valuable varieties of natural vegetable oils (sea buckthorn, marula, moringa seeds, acai berries and cranberries), as well as extracts of medicinal plants (arnica, Indian chestnut). In combination with self-massage, the oil improves blood circulation, eliminates edema, eliminating one of the main causes of the appearance of the “orange peel” and other manifestations of cellulite. Day after day, oil frees tissues from toxins, smoothes, strengthens and softens the skin, makes the silhouette more slender.


Distribute a small amount of oil through the body in soft circular motions. Take the PREMEDIAL roller massager / scrubber and rub the problem areas with it.

Release form

250 ml


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