Intragenic Serum Е938


The serum has a soft gel texture, contains a high concentration of active ingredients and is an intensive therapeutic agent to combat excess fatty deposits, cellulite and skin laxity. Thanks to the combination of a gene-active biocomplex of thymilin and plant extracts with a powerful lipolytic and antioxidant effect, the drug has a complex therapeutic effect: it inhibits the formation of triglycerides and prevents adipocyte maturation, stimulates the breakdown of fats, activates the evacuation and utilization of released fatty acids, and also increases the synthesis of collagen fibers. As a result, the thickness of fat deposits is significantly reduced, the “orange peel” and other manifestations of cellulite become less noticeable, the skin is smoothed and strengthened, the figure becomes slim and toned.



Used in professional care – see procedure protocol.

Active ingredients

Thymiline, caffeine, ginseng extract, pomegranate.

Form of issue

200 ml plastic bottle


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