Lipo Drainage 3d Cellulit Detox Е819


A light, non-greasy cream is a highly effective remedy for intensive treatment of cellulite manifestations. The drug has a powerful effect on all the key mechanisms of the onset and development of hydrolipodystrophy: it restores microcirculation, eliminates intercellular edema and tissue hypoxia, activates lipolysis, promotes the elimination of toxins and actively fights fibrotic changes in the subcutaneous fat. The cream also improves the functioning of the venous and lymphatic systems of the lower extremities, so its effect is especially beneficial in cases of a combination of cellulite and excess fat deposits with edema and manifestations of the syndrome of “heavy legs”.



Used in professional care – see procedure protocol.

Active ingredients

Remodulin, guarana extract, seaside lotus extract, sculptosan, macadamia oil.


200 ml


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