Slim&Lift Adipo-Lift Serum “Repair Active” Action Е598


The concentrated serum, thanks to the innovative biocomplex DERMOCHLORELLA and extracts of medicinal plants, which are included in its composition, stimulates the synthesis of supporting fibers of the dermis and restores the structure of the skin. The drug smoothes the skin, reduces the severity of fibrotic changes in cellulite (“orange peel” symptom) and helps to improve the condition of the skin in the area of stretch marks. In addition, the serum improves skin tone and elasticity, and has a powerful firming effect.



Use in professional care – see procedure protocol

Active ingredients

Dermochlorella, oat polysaccharide extract, Paraguayan holly leaf extract, chicory root extract, butcher’s rhizome extract

Form of issue

150 ml plastic tube


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