Ultra-White Serum E1021


A specialized innovative preparation for the fight against age spots that form as a result of skin aging. The powerful whitening effect of the serum is ensured by the action of a unique biocomplex that inhibits the formation of melanin and flower acids, which gently, without skin irritation, remove epidermal cells with pigment deposited in them, and also contribute to skin renewal and rejuvenation. The composition of the product also includes components with a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, which help to smooth and even out the skin relief. The use of the serum allows you to get rid of existing age spots and prevent the appearance of new ones, make the skin smooth, radiant and velvety.



used in professional care, see procedure protocol.

Active ingredients

  • ENLIGHTENED: complex derived from green lotus leaves. It activates the breakdown of fats, has a pronounced drainage and defibrosing effect.
  • LYUMISKIN: biotechnological complex, prevents the activation of the polypeptide chain of tyrosinase, inhibits the formation of melanin, has a powerful lightening effect.
  • FLORAL ACIDS: obtained from hibiscus extract. They activate cell metabolism, improve the hydration of the epidermis, and have a mild exfoliating effect without skin irritation. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen and glycosaminoglycans.
  • LIPACIDE C8G: a complex of octanoic acid and glycine, is a regulator of the skin ecosystem, restores the acid-base balance, prevents the development of pathogenic microflora.

Form of issue

500 ml plastic bottle with fine spray system


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