A bit of history

The student of Nobel Prize Laureate Alex Karel, an outstanding biologist, Professor Erickson was one of the first scientists to use cell therapy – the revolutionary technology of the highest level – in his skin operations. The methods developed by Professor Erickson consisted in the use of cell extracts for the intensive restoration of aging skin. Having founded the ERICSON LABORATOIRE company in France, Professor Erickson continued the work begun in collaboration with the Swiss scientist Professor Paul Niehans, who laid the foundation for La Prerie in Switzerland. His Center for Cell Therapy, which opened in Paris in 1962, gained wide popularity and incredible popularity thanks to the CELLULOTHERAPY method of applying “live” cell extracts and placenta to the skin. The rejuvenating effect of the technique turned the view of Paris women on the possibilities of medical cosmetology.

Professional cosmetics

Professional cosmetics Ericson Laboratoire designed to care for face, body and bust. The brand has the highest reputation in the field of medical aesthetics in different parts of the world.

Wide popularity

Ericson Laboratoire brand is represented in more than 70 countries of the world, in most of them it is the market leader in salon cosmetic procedures. Home Care Products stand out by the highest efficiency.

Exclusively in Cyprus

The representative office of Ericson Laboratoire brand in Cyprus meets the highest standards of service and has the exclusive right to distribute brand products in Cyprus.

Our service

Ericson Laboratoire brand is represented by certified cosmetologists who are pleased to offer their services throughout Cyprus. You can be sure that not only a detailed and FREE consultation will be carried out for you, but also competent cosmetic care.

Our mission

The mission of the Ericson Laboratoire brand is to enable every woman to look perfect, maintain her health and youth, feel welcome and attractive, and see the real transformative effect of Ericson Laboratoire products and procedures.

Our advantages

Ericson Laboratoire is a fresh scientific development in the field of dermatology, genetics, biology to create innovative components and comprehensive cares. The most modern production methods, compliance with strict European standards allow to create the most effective cosmetics.

What can you do for me?

Why did you decide that your cosmetics would suit me?

We insist that you use Ericson Laboratoire cosmetics only after an individual consultation with our specialist. You can order a consultation by contacting us in any convenient way specified in the Contacts section.

The specialist will not only take into account the features of your skin, but also select the therapy taking into account the individual needs of your body and possible health problems.

You will be offered a wide selection of home care products. Ericson Laboratoire product lines designed for home use often repeat the formulations used in beauty salons. This allows you to achieve the best result and allows you to truly enjoy the result!

Why is your cosmetics more effective than usual?

Because our products are created at the intersection of cosmetology and pharmaceuticals. In addition to the usual cosmetic effects, our products have a healing effect.

Do you help get rid of acne?

Yes, our product line has a series of ACTI-BIOTIC products that are suitable for combating acne. But, remember that self-medication is unacceptable. Be sure to consult with our specialists.

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