The NOVAPEEL [AHA] range offers innovative skin renewal and peeling solutions for all skin types. It incorporates a synergistic resurfacing combination of chemical exfoliants – controlled release AHAs, AKAs and PHAs – enzymes and skin barrier repair ingredients for smooth, even and luminous skin.


• Assert our expert cosmeceutical approach with a unique and innovative peeling technology.

• Introduce a new multi-benefit professional peeling protocol designed to suit all skin types. This ismade possible by the introduction of new-gene ration formulas offering the ideal balance between high peeling efficacy and high tolerance for optimal skin resurfacing results.

• Offer a protocol that can facilitate the sales of a personalized multi-therapy program due to its instant spectacular results and numerous association possibilities with other specific or anti-aging treatment.

A skin transformin g protocol offering similar results to a mild professional peel thanks to the use of a
highly concentrated professional AHA serum and an expert combination of formulas integrating our
latest peeling technology and comforting actives.
The result: instantly brighter and revitalized-looking skin, a more even and refined skin texture and no
The protocol also includes the use of an ultrasonic exfoliating spatula to help get rid of dead skin cells
and build-up while stimulating cell renewal and improve skin texture and tone.
Designed for all skin types and ages, thanks to its immediate and long-term benefits on skin tone and
The NOVAPEEL [AHA] protocol offers a spectacular radiance-boosting effect from the very first session
and can also be integrated into many types of skincare programs.
It can easily be integrated within a Multi-therapy program:
As an intensive treatment for skin with surface irregularities, whatever their origin
As a pre-treatment for anti-aging treatments
In combination with specific treatments such as a radiance-boosting energizing expert treatment
or a sebum-regulating treatment, for an enhanced purifying action and an additional efficacy
against imperfections

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