MORPHO BUST. COMPREHENSIVE REVITALIZING CARE FOR BUST INCREASING BREAST Breast tissue lift Elimination of stretch marks and microcapillaries The MORPHO-BUST line is unique in that it has the VOLUME effect. A similar effect is achieved due to the most effective formula containing plant active substances.

The ability to change the contours of the bust appeared thanks to substances that stimulate in situ production of fat (one of the main components of breast tissue). The impact of the formula combines three mechanisms that influence the processes of local compaction of adipose tissue. Taking into account how the attitude of women towards their body and especially their breasts has changed, our laboratories have coped with the task of offering women effective care products that would meet their expectations, while avoiding surgery. Three mechanisms of action: • the formation of new fat cells, • stimulation of lipid production, • active accumulation. Thus, the line has a directed effect on breast volume, stretch marks and microcapillaries, and also improves breast support. ACTIVE COMPONENTS: VOLUFILINE VOLUFILINE promotes the formation and increase in the thickness of adipose tissue in the area of ​​the chest. VOLUFILINE is a phytosterol, lacking estrogen, progesterone, glucocorticoid and testosterone activity. DERMOCHLORELLA Dermochlorella stimulates the expression of genes that determine the functioning of fibroblasts and, therefore, increases the production of collagen I and III. Collagen is the main fibrous protein in the body, providing tissue flexibility. Its role can be compared with fittings.

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