Supreme 4D

With SUPREME 4D, ERICSON LABORATOIRE introduces an exceptional regenerating skincare range designed to act simultaneously on the 4 dimensions of skin aging: loss of substance, sagging skin, discolorations, and chronic weakening of the hydrolipidic barrier. The formulas integrate a ‘‘cellular reactivator’’ complex designed to reproduce the regenerating effects of Retinol and compensate for the structural and functional deficiencies of mature skin. SUPREME 4D offers the skin an exceptional vitality and the radiance of a new youth.


• Develop our anti-aging expert category with an exclusive, more premium skincare offer for mature and/or depleted skin types.

• Target demanding customers expecting a multi-benefit age-defying skincare products and salon treatments designed to address all signs of aging while providing superb comfort.

• Offer exceptionally concentrated, efficient and sensorial anti-aging formulas inspired by researches in regenerative medicine and fueled by the latest cell-regenerating cosmeceutical bio-technologies.

SUPREME 4D target the 3 skin compartments by:

• Promoting extra-cellular matrix regeneration (dermis)

• Stimulating cellular communication (DEJ)

• Compensating age-related lipid/ceramides loss (epidermis)

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