LINE CORRECTION. Correction of mimic wrinkles

This is due to several phenomena:
– Changes in skin microrelief,
– Changes in elastin and collagen in the dermis,
– Reducing the subcutaneous fat layer,
– Slowing down the renewal of the epidermis: 28 days at the age of 20, almost 2 months at the age of 50.

Muscle tone is also very important in the formation of dynamic or facial expressions.
wrinkles. The muscles of the skin, following the orientation of the fibers, create lines of force that
indicate the direction of skin smoothing.

The ever-increasing demand for non-invasive alternative solutions for the treatment of various types of wrinkles has prompted the Ericson Laboratoire research centers to develop innovative and effective care. LINE CORRECTION aims to release micro-tensions in the skin to relax facial features without “freezing” facial expressions, and to fill in wrinkles for fast, long-lasting results.

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