PERFECT [GNX] is a range designed to combat the accelerated signs of aging linked to environmental and lifestyle factors: pigmentation irregularities, dullness and lack of bounce.
Combining a polypeptide complex and biological phyto-modulators inspired by the latest discoveries in epigenetics, PERFECT [GNX] helps to slow down and to correct the signs of premature aging to visibly even out, smooth and redensify the skin.

By facilitating or repressing the biological functions impacted by alterations to the epigenome, PERFECT [GNX] helps to “turn back” the cellular clock through a breakthrough “youth regulating” approach.
PERFECT [GNX] is designed to help correct the signs of exogenous aging, thanks to an innovative technology designed to counter cell senescence related to altered gene expression and act on the aging markers which make us look older. The formulas contain an expert combination of 3 active ingredients selected for their ability to regulate the epigenetic aging process.


Boosts the skin’s optical and mechanical parameters.

  • Restores skin radiance
  • Promotes skin elasticity
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles


Inhibits the epigenetic melanocyte markers.

  • Minimizes pigmentation irregularities
  • Prevents new dark spots
  • Improves complexion clarity & brightness


Stimulates the skin’s structural components regeneration.

  • Strengthens skin cohesion
  • Preserves dermal density
  • Ensures epidermal resistance
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