ENZYMACID. Acid-based care line

ENZYMACID. New generation peeling. Full skin renewal program.
Mechanical impact. Chemical exposure. Biological impact. Update. Skin lightening.

The ENZYMACID program is an innovation in cosmetology. The step-by-step renewal of the skin gives excellent visible results: wrinkles are smoothed out, enlarged pores are narrowed, age spots are lightened, the skin is leveled, it becomes smooth, supple, radiant and moisturized. With the help of new line of products, you can carry out effective and safe skin peeling at home.

The link between cosmetology and dermatology is becoming more and more close.

Currently, ERICSON LABORATOIRE offers an ultra-efficient exfoliation method that combines 3 of the latest dermacosmetic technologies, which are based on the most modern medical and cosmetic methods:

1. Double microdermabrasion – aluminum crystals with iron gluconate;
2. High concentration alpha hydroxy acids – glycolic acid purity 70%;
3. Stabilized long-acting enzymes (12 weeks) – reticular papain polymers.

With the help of new line preparations, it is possible to carry out effective and safe skin peeling at home in order to strengthen and prolong the effect of a professional procedure in a beauty salon.


  • Dull complexion, smoker’s skin
  • Tired skin: loss of firmness, fine wrinkles
  • Expanded pores, acne scars, and minor scars
  • Profuse sebum secretion and hyperkeratosis
  • Pigmentation
  • Dehydration of the skin


  • Instant removal of the superficial keratinized epidermis – fresh, radiant skin
  • Stimulation of cell renewal: improving microrelief and resilience
  • Powerful regeneration of damaged skin, narrowing pores and smoothing scars
  • Deep cleansing and elimination of hyperkeratosis
  • Lighten pigmented areas
  • Powerful hydration


X-PRESSIN . Stable enzymatic component of the increased molecular weight papain reticular polymer. Chemical stability (due to the crosslinking of molecules) and physical stability (due to the addition of sodium alginate) made it possible to achieve high thermal stability. Cross-linked molecules of papain contribute to deep and prolonged exfoliation of the skin (the enzyme lasts for 12 weeks) while updating keratinocytes in the basal layer. Sodium alginate, hypoallergenic and non-toxic in nature, acts as a stabilizing agent, relieving the irritation caused by the enzyme and providing a soothing and calming effect.

COMPLEX OF MUTUALLY ADDITIVE ANA ACIDS . The combination of 8 acids, aimed at a powerful renewal of the skin. Includes encapsulated 70% glycolic, lactic, salicylic, citric, almond, mucic, ascorbic and tartaric acids. Thanks to careful acid exfoliation, tissue renewal and regeneration is activated, small wrinkles are smoothed, a healthy complexion is restored, and the skin is moisturized as much as possible.

ALUMINUM OXIDE . Alumina crystals are innovative abrasive agents that give superior results compared to traditional micro-granular scrubs. Keratinocytes are removed from the surface of the skin, stimulate cell renewal in the basal layer. Smooth the surface of the skin like dermabrasion. It prepares the skin for chemical peeling, facilitating better subsequent penetration of alpha hydroxy acids. To provide a more effective effect, alumina crystals are combined with iron gluconate for more powerful exfoliation of dead cells and deep moisturization of the stratum corneum. Enhances the absorption of vitamin C, providing a brightening effect, and increases collagen production.

PLGA AND LACTIC ACID CAPSULE CAPSULE . Encapsulation of active ingredients is a technology that increases the effectiveness of the active ingredient by increasing its bioavailability. This helps the active ingredients more easily pass through cell membranes in the heart of the target cell without losing their effectiveness and stability. The PLGA glycolic and lactic acid capsule provides deep targeted penetration and stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin skin fibers.

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