Air pollution today poses a significant risk to environmental health worldwide, as recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization). Our skin is the first and foremost target of this aggressor, acting as a physical, chemical and immunological barrier against pollutants. The ever-increasing pollution causes dysfunction of this skin barrier, which leads to weakening of its microbiota, dehydration and increased secretion of the sebaceous glands. This daily aggression can also lead to increased pigmentation, dark spots and a dull complexion. These pollutants not only remain on the surface of the skin, but can also penetrate into its deeper layers. As a result of repeated exposure to small particles, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds and oxides, the risk of skin pathologies increases, which negatively affects the sensitivity and reactivity of the skin due to increased oxidative stress. Exposure to sunlight, combined with air pollution, significantly worsens skin damage and accelerates aging.

Realizing this problem, which is not limited to the urban population, but applies to everything modern society, ERICSON LABORATOIRE offers a wide range of professional and home treatments to treat skin damage caused by UV damage.

PUR OXYGENE allows us to cover a wide range of anti-pollution remedies and slow down the structural and visual aspects of pollution-induced skin aging, combined with the harmful effects of UV light, by modulating the various cellular pathways involved.

The PUR OXYGENE range of skin care products includes 3 axes: – CLEANSES the skin of impurities that limit its optimal functioning. – INCREASE cellular metabolism, slowed down by the amount of pollutants that are becoming more harmful. – PROTECTION of cellular functions from oxidative stress caused by various pollutants, enhanced by photoabsorption.

PUR OXYGENE Therapy is based on two powerful ingredients:
LIGNACELL is a biotechnological active ingredient extracted from a plant used in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Schisandra chinensis. Lignans are molecules recognized for their ability to protect vitamins and enzymes and prevent lipid oxidation, making them powerful natural antioxidants. They are highly adaptable to environmental influences when faced with external aggression or various climatic stresses. Thus, LIGNACELL has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties, activating endogenous defense mechanisms of biological pathways.

LIGHT’ENSIS is an active ingredient obtained through biotechnology from Cistus monspeliensis extract. This plant was chosen for its main natural adaptogenic ability to protect from light. Its high concentration of flavonoids, including myricetin glucosides, provides such efficacy in terms of UV protection, pollutants and blue light. LIGHT & # 039; ENSIS prevents cell death and lipid peroxidation, contributing to the recognized anti-inflammatory protection. It has also been shown to be effective in combating photoaging and DNA damage, as well as protecting pro-collagen 1 and collagen fibers.

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