Hydra advanced PRO

Water is essential and we cannot live without it for more than a few days. This vital element performs various functions in the human body: it is used in the production of cells and body fluids. It transports nutrients, helps eliminate waste from the body, and is essential for controlling body temperature. Its role in skin hydration is of paramount importance.

This goes far beyond the simple question of the moisture content of the skin – which, of course, is important, since water plays a significant role in determining all the factors associated with complex processes in the body. These processes include the binding of water in tissues, its diffusion into the various layers of the skin, and the maintenance of this interstitial water. When the skin can no longer regulate this circulation, it becomes dehydrated and susceptible to premature aging.

HYDRA ADVANCED provides a comprehensive, targeted and highly effective action thanks to the selection of active ingredients based on modern cosmetic advances to provide a quick solution adapted to all the needs of dehydrated, dry and depleted skin.

This innovative complex provides a comprehensive impact on:
– Absorption of electrolytes for complete hydration,
– Stimulating the diffusion of water across different layers of the skin,
– Storage of water inside the dermis and in the hydrolipid film network,
– Cell restoration and increased ability to retain water in skin tissues.

Paying special attention to the physiology of the skin, ERICSON LABORATOIRE has selected advanced active ingredients to regulate water content to enhance the vital functions of the skin, prevent dehydration and limit premature aging.

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