PUR OXYGENE. Protection against pollution and oxygenation of the skin


ERICSON LABORATOIRE offers a wide range of professional and home treatments to deal with skin damage caused by UV damage. PUR OXYGENE allows us to cover a wide range of anti-pollution remedies and slow down the structural and visual aspects of pollution-induced skin aging, combined with the harmful effects of UV light, by modulating the various cellular pathways involved.

Why are pollutants and blue light dangerous?

  • Destroy the protective barrier, have a direct effect on the epidermis, cause redness, dehydration, inflammation and hyperpigmentation, accelerate aging
  • Cause oxidative stress, deplete skin vitality
  • They cause enlargement of pores, increase the formation of sebum. The skin becomes dull and lacks radiance
  • Lead to the formation of comedones and acne
  • Blue light provokes premature skin aging due to the formation of free radicals that destroy cells and cause the destruction of collagen and elastin fibers

Scientists at the Ericson Laboratoire Institute have developed a special line Pur Oxygene , which provides global protection of the skin from the effects of pollutants and blue light, and also slows the development of aging caused by them Pur Oxygene Regular Care Result:

  • oxygenated skin
  • filled with vitality and moisture
  • wrinkles are smoothed
  • the relief is leveled
  • firmness and elasticity are restored
  • skin is smoother, more radiant and younger looking

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