We are currently seeing an increase in weight problems, the causes of which can be found in our diet. And also these are bad habits, which are too much and poorly controlled, both in the sedentary lifestyle of our professional and home life, and in reducing our physical activity.

Under these conditions, our natural biological balance is disturbed and various metabolisms are involved. The body loses its tone and elasticity, overgrown tissues sag, and the structure of our body becomes heavier.

Areas of adipose tissue and cellulite increase with the appearance of orange peel and water retention, leading to the development of edema and inflammation. A vicious circle closes, causing an increase in oxidative cellular stress and, as a result, an increase in adipose tissue. Moreover, adipose tissue, consisting of numerous hypertrophied adipocytes, which will compress blood vessels, reducing tissue oxygenation and leading to an increase in the production of free radicals, which in themselves are oxidative stressors that increase hypoxia. In the treatment of cellulite, one should systematically include work on the adipocyte in combination with stimulation of venous and lymphatic circulation, as well as stimulation of the supporting fibers of adipose tissue.

Ericson Laboratoire has developed a new comprehensive concept: the SLIM & FIT BODY EXPERTISE program, which is fully adapted to the issues of weight loss, lifting and full body exfoliation.

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