Anti-cellulite oil. Enriched with anti-cellulite, drainage, restorative and soothing plant extracts.

Sea buckthorn, sunflower, cotton and blueberry oils soften, nourish, strengthen and smooth the skin. Extracts of marula, acai, arnica, Indian chestnut, cranberry and moringa fight cellulite, strengthen the skin, remove toxins, reduce swelling and inflammation, and strengthen the skin. Day after day, the “orange peel” smoothes out, becomes invisible, and the skin becomes smooth. The oil can be used for drainage massage.

Mode of application:

Pour the oil into your palm and warm the mixture between your fingers.

Apply to dry or slightly damp skin. Can also be used as a bath oil or mixed with body cream.


• SUNFLOWER, SEA BUCKTHORN, COTTON SEED OIL, BLUEBERRY: Restoring and regenerating properties.

• MARULA: Prevents orange peel formation by stimulating collagen production.

• AÇAI: drainage, restoration of balance.

• ARNICA: stimulates blood circulation.

• HORSE CHESTNUT: stimulates venous circulation.

• CRANBERRY: antioxidant.

• MORINGA: Detoxifies and promotes cellular oxygenation.

Packaging 200ml


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