Biodorfine Cleansing Gel E159


A gentle, cleansing gel that captures and dissolves all impurities. It cleans
pores without stimulating the sebaceous glands.
Hybrid textures are available today such as cleansing gels that
gradually turn into a gentle massage oil, before
than turn into a milky emulsion upon contact with water, thereby
making it easier to wash off. Once dry, the skin is clean, soft and

Method of application:

Apply a small amount of the gel without wetting the skin. Massage gently in circular motions around the eyes, face and neck. Continue cleansing with your fingertips while adding water. The smooth gel turns into a soft milky emulsion. Rinse off with water.

Active Ingredients:

  • SEPICALM S: soothes by modulating irritation.
  • ORANGE FLOWER BIODISTILLATE: extracted by distilling bitter orange flowers. Softening and soothing properties.
  • HAMAMELIS BIO DISTILLATE: soothes and softens.
  • BIO DISSILLATE LINDEN: soothing and softening properties.

Release form:

Tube 150 ml.


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