Energetic T.Bar E1876


The most striking sign of a decrease in energy reserves in the skin is the loss of elasticity of facial tissues and their sagging. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to accompany aesthetic procedures with the use of effective professional “non-surgical” devices that could help reactivate skin metabolism.

An excellent way to tone the facial muscles, revitalize metabolic processes and improve the condition of elastin fibers in the skin is the use of high-frequency vibrations.

The portable device ENERGETIK T.BAR provides effective micro-massage of the skin due to the generation of high-frequency oscillations (6000 / min), thereby stimulating the formation of collagen, activating blood circulation and facilitating the effective removal of toxins from skin tissues. Intense micro-vibrations help to sharpen facial contours.

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Benefits of Energetic T.Bar massager

  • Skin detoxification
  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Face lifting and restoration
  • Quickly remove signs of fatigue
  • Immediate tonic action


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