Inspired by the benefits of cryotherapy, the cryo-massage spoons contain a cooling gel that keeps them fresh throughout the massage session. Their ergonomic design allows them to perfectly follow the face contours for an exceptional remodeling massage that firms, tones and reshapes.


The cold effect helps:

• Tone the skin

• Activate micro-circulation for an immediate revitalizing effect

• Obtain an instant “lift” effect and visibly reshape facial contours

• Stimulate skin regeneration by increasing cellular metabolism, notably collagen and

elastin production

How to use:

• Place the cryo-massage spoons in the refrigerator’s ice cube tray at least two hours before use. Take them out 10 minutes before application.

• The cold spoon massage consists in 2 complementary phases:

1. Preparatory draining phase

2. Toning and remodeling massage phase

After use, rinse the Cryo-massage spoons with soap and water, dry well and finalize cleaning with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol or antiseptic. Store them back in their plastic case and replace them in the refrigerator.


2 pieces in a case and a cardboard box Ε1106


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