GENXSKIN. CC CREAM CORRECTIV N ° 1. Correcting foundation. Amber Beige.E984


CC cream (color correcting) is an impeccable preparation with a light texture with the function of color correction and skin smoothing, which also has a pronounced anti-aging effect. Thanks to the “smart pigments”, the cream perfectly conceals skin imperfections (redness, vascular reticulum, acne scars), adjusting to its natural shade, creating a perfectly even color and radiance effect. Gene-active biocomplex strengthens the barrier function of the skin, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, prevents dehydration, providing a powerful anti-aging effect. The moisturizing complex stimulates the synthesis of ceramides and its own hyaluronic acid, reduces water loss. Vitamin E, shea butter, extracts of kiwi, lemon balm and magnolia nourish and soften the skin, protect against free radicals.

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