Home care kit / Intensive weight loss GENETIXSLIM E942


The kit includes:

 Concentrated lipolytic serum INTRAGEN

 GENSLIM Intense Slimming Cream

 Special massager

ERICSON LABORATOIRE offers a new way to combat excess body fat and cellulite, which is based on the effect on the genetic apparatus of skin cells and subcutaneous fat. By activating certain genes using the most complex biotechnological complexes, it is possible to regulate the underlying physiological processes in the cells and achieve amazing results that cannot be obtained by other methods. The use of cosmetics with gene-active ingredients makes it possible to level the effect of heredity on the accumulation of extra pounds, and also makes it possible to model the silhouette and treat cellulite without resorting to surgery and other traumatic and expensive procedures (injections, hardware cosmetology, etc.). By exerting effects on certain genes of fat cells, many positive effects can be quickly achieved: enhance fat breakdown, activate cell elimination and utilization of their decay products, limit adipocyte maturation and the formation of new fat stores, as well as increase the synthesis of collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid. The GENETIXSLIM slimming and body modeling kit includes concentrated lipolytic serum, an intensive action slimming cream and a special massager. When used together, there is an active complex effect on subcutaneous fat and skin. As a result, the thickness of body fat is significantly reduced, the “orange peel” and other manifestations of cellulite become less noticeable, the skin is smoothed and strengthened, the figure becomes slim and toned.


apply a small amount of INTRAGEN serum to the problematic ones, then massage them with a massager for 10-15 minutes. Apply to the whole body and carefully absorb the GENSLIM cream. Use medications daily after a shower or bath.

Release form

cardboard box containing cream, serum and body massager


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