Restorative protective fluid with SPF factor 20. Е914


A light cream with a pleasant non-greasy texture serves as an ideal skin protection from sunlight. Its formula is specially adapted for post-peeling skin care, so it can be used throughout the entire course of peeling procedures. In addition to modern safe UV filters obtained using nano-technologies, the preparation contains biocomplexes that block the formation of the melanin pigment. Thanks to this combination of ingredients, the fluid is a reliable protection against ultraviolet rays and prevents the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Complex molecules isolated from seaweed, which are additionally introduced into the composition of the drug, reduce the inflammatory response, have a stimulating effect on cells, and also form a soft protective film on the skin surface that helps to retain moisture. The fluid has a prolonged moisturizing effect throughout the day, and also serves as an excellent foundation for makeup.

Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 14 × 6 × 5 cm


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Restorative protective fluid with SPF factor 20. Е914”

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